A local fast bowler has taken note of an interesting tactic used in a game of club cricket in the UK over the weekend, and promised to keep it up his sleeve for the upcoming Australian summer. The tactic, employed by an English bowler, involved denying a young batsman his maiden century by deliberately throwing the ball to the boundary to award the batting team a somewhat premature victory.

Young Minehead CC batsman Jay Darrell was just one shot from a maiden century, and only two runs were required for the win, when a Purnell CC bowler came in to deliver the penultimate ball of the match but instead deliberately threw it to the boundary and laughed. Social media has since lit up about the incident, with cricketer enthusiast from across the globe condemning the actions of the unnamed bowler from Purnell.

However, despite the widespread scorn, at least one local fast bowler was emboldened by the story, telling friends he might bring it out during the 2018/19 season if the opportunity presents. The bowler, who requested anonymity, told The Watsonia Bugle, “That was quite clever if you ask me. It’s a bloody batsman’s game mate, so why not throw a cat amongst the pigeons every so often. Plus there’s two sides to every story mate. I bet the batsman was a bloody tin arse and, knowing the poms, probably got dropped a few times on his way to a 90 odd. So I say good on that bowler for spoiling the party.”