Not that anyone had really gone fishing in the first place, one deskbound journalist has taken the bait and spread a wild, yet unlikely, rumour about former Australian captain Mark Taylor putting the pads on for local club Riverside during the upcoming summer. The story snowballed quickly yesterday after the Greensborough-based club posted an image of Taylor wearing their cap, and then jokingly mentioned that negotiations had commenced to get him in the green and gold for 2018/19.

While the offending article was deleted from the Herald Sun this afternoon to save further embarrassment, we can confirm that it claimed Taylor was pretty much locked in to play at Whatmough Park, going as far as to say that Tubby would obviously have more time on his hands this season due to his employer Channel 9 losing the international cricket coverage. Considering he hasn’t played cricket for almost 20 years, exactly how Taylor would’ve gone remains unclear, as does the status of any potential Fujitsu sponsorship Riverside were hoping to secure.