A local man didn’t realise that The Footy Show was still being aired, revealing to friends this week that he thought it had been killed off years ago. Tim McDonald made the stark confession on a WhatsApp thread with his mates yesterday as they were talking about how the success of The Front Bar was threatening the future of the Channel 9 staple.

In an exclusive interview with The Watsonia Bugle, McDonald said, “Mate, I honestly couldn’t believe it. They’ve been talking about that show being on its last legs for years now, so I just assumed it had died a quiet and relatively peaceful death. I mean, I don’t read the Herald Sun, so I’ve not even been exposed to the usual ‘Sam Newman has gone too far this time’ click bait articles that used to do the rounds every Friday. I’m genuinely shocked mate.”

First aired in 1995, The Footy Show was revolutionary for its time, and was compulsory viewing for many footy fans for many years. However, its inability to evolve since the halcyon days, plus the influx of mid-week footy content on television, has again raised questions this week about its immediate future. Maybe now that Tim McDonald is aware of its continued survival he will help to bolster the ratings. Only time will tell.