A Watsonia North man is upset that Google Street View hasn’t updated the image of his house since he built a new fence almost two years ago. Chris Naismith says that his white picket fence is his pride and joy, so it’s high time that the world had the chance to see it.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Naismith said, “It’s been almost two years since I put that beautiful fence up, and I just want everyone in the world to know about it. I often stand out on my front lawn and admire the fence’s raw beauty, and I just think that the current online image of my house is an unfair representation of all the hard work that I’ve done.”

Naismith also claimed that all of his calls to Google have come to nothing. He said, “I’ve tried at least half a dozen times, but they just keep passing me around to different departments. It’s a joke. One day I even saw one of the actual cars with all those cameras on the roof. I followed him and eventually flagged him down. But he just told me he had no jurisdiction on where they film next. Pathetic.”