Sections of Watsonia North are allegedly on the brink of a revolt after receiving their copy of the Diamond Valley Leader late for the second week in a row. Accustomed to receiving their copy of the local paper on a Tuesday evening or, at the very latest, on a Wednesday, for the last two weeks it hasn’t been delivered until late on Thursday evening.

While genuine concerns are held for the welfare of the delivery person, some local residents are incredibly outraged and are threatening widespread revolt if the trend continues. Exactly what that revolt would entail remains unclear, but the people are obviously unhappy.

One such resident, who requested strict anonymity, told The Watsonia Bugle, “It’s just not good enough. I rely on the efficient delivery of my local paper to keep me abreast with news and events in my local area. What am I supposed to do without it? Read the crap that you guys publish ad nauseam? No thanks.”