A local motorist has revealed that he is struggling to come up with a new nickname for overexuberant cyclists that he encounters on the road. Ben Wilson says he’s sick of muttering “Calm down Cadel”, in reference to well-known cyclist Cadel Evans, every time he sees a cyclist zip past him in traffic, telling close friends that he needs to move with the times.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Wilson said, “Cadel’s been retired for over three years and it’s been well over seven years since he won the Tour de France. I need something a bit fresher, you know, new and up-to-date. But there’s just been a real dearth of high-profile Aussie cyclists since old mate Cadel hung up the bike shorts.”

Despite Australian cyclists performing well on the international stage in recent years, Wilson claims that none of them have captured the hearts and minds of Australia in the same way that Cadel Evans did. Wilson said, “I dunno why mate, but I couldn’t name any of them that are cycling on the world stage at the moment. Maybe because Cadel was an Eltham boy we’re all onto him. I just don’t know.”