A local office worker is planning on keeping a sly eye on Canberra today like he normally does for test cricket during the Australian summer. Callum Richards said he’ll be flicking between internet browsers for most of today, especially round midday when all the action is supposed to happen.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Richards said, “Yeah mate, I’ll be keeping a covert eye on proceedings all day. Even though getting a new PM is almost stock standard these days, it’s still kind of interesting. Plus it breaks up the eternal boredom of work.”

However, unlike keeping an eye on the cricket, Richards expects today to be a bit trickier. He said, “It’s gunna be heaps harder today mate. For starters there’s more than one news source for today. For the cricket it’s basically just cricket.com.au and maybe a bit of Twitter. But for today I’ll need to be across all the major newspapers in the land, plus multiple social media platforms and accounts. And then, at least with the cricket scores they give you that cheeky spreadsheet version that makes it look like you’re actually working. Might have to attend a few ‘meetings’ today if you know what I mean.”