As they say in the classics, once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it, and never has this been truer than on the cover of this week’s Diamond Valley Leader. While the main image is of a proud dad who has been awarded the impressive honour of Victorian Father of the Year, the headline below it screams “Repeat offender bailed”.

While the main photo and the main article are totally unrelated, if you’re just grabbing a brief glance at the cover you’ll need to give it a quick double take. Whether this layout was discussed at DV Leader HQ remains unclear but, if it was, we’d be asking how and why it was allowed to go to print.

At least one local reader contacted us to express their concern. They said, “I just feel for the dad really. He’s obviously an upstanding citizen, and has been given a tremendous honour, but that headline is just screaming out below his picture. Surely they could’ve separated the two stories from each other. Common sense should’ve prevailed.”