A worldwide study has indicated that at least 80% of Rexona Sport users are not actually playing any sport, calling into question the relevance of the product’s name. While it’s hardly the only product that contains a misleading moniker, the recent survey results have sent shockwaves through the Rexona head office.

The actual figure of 80% comes from a recent survey conducted by the Super Worldwide Epic Antiperspirant Team (otherwise known as SWEAT), which polled over 4,000 deodorant users across the globe. On the specific question of which Rexona Sport devotees were still involved in organised sport, the overwhelming majority said no.

Responding to the release of the results, Watsonia man Gavin Samuels said, “Yeah, well I guess I’d be one of them mate. I first got into Rexona Sport back in the late 80s and early 90s when I was playing a bit of local footy for the Watsonia Wombats, and I was attracted to it because of the name. I thought it sounded dynamic and would improve my athletic performance, not to mention giving off a killer scent on the dance floor. While my sporting days are now long gone, brand loyalty is important to me, so I still spray on the old Rexona Sport every morning.”