An employee from a global fashion house has spectacularly admitted that they can’t match the simple beauty of the now world-famous The Watsonia Bugle t-shirt. Speaking on the strict condition of anonymity, the employee claimed that teams of designers had been working around the clock to match the form and function of the Bugle t-shirt, but were yet to get even close to the success and general appeal enjoyed by our reasonably priced product.

The employee said, “It’s like this super complicated riddle that we just can’t crack. We work with some amazing designers but not one of them has gotten close. I mean, the actual physical look of the t-shirt is simple enough to replicate, but how do you copy the social panache of aligning yourself with such a respected and beloved brand/ideology? And all for just a recommended retail price of $23? Forget about it.”

While those overpaid designers continue their search to crack the code, you can head over to our online store now to grab yourself this revolutionary product. Treat yourself.