A local man has claimed that Justin Bieber is starting to give off a real adult Macaulay Culkin kind of vibe. With no other qualifications than being able to nibble on click bait, Greensborough man Daniel Pederson has made the link between two of the highest profile child stars of the last 30 years.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Pederson said, “Did you see those pics of him at the New York Fashion Week? He’s either a washed out Macaulay Culkin, or he’s a young Joe Dirt. And, either way, that’s not a good thing. What is it with these kids that make it big at such a young age and just struggle their way into adulthood?”

While we pointed out that Bieber is still a successful recording artist, Pederson wasn’t convinced. He said, “A couple of years ago all the old Bieber haters started to think it was cool to start liking his new stuff. It wasn’t. That was just the old point of difference kind of thing that people do to seem edgy and alternative. He’s no good, and was always no good. Sure, ‘Baby’ was a bit of a toe tapper, but it’s all been rubbish since then.”