The McDonald’s marketing team has phoned it in again with their seemingly annual Monopoly promotion. A mainstay of the global Maccas marketing calendar for over three decades now, diners at the popular family restaurant are again being encouraged to collect Monopoly properties and vouchers for various items.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, an unidentified member of the McDonald’s marketing team said, “It’s just a no-brainer mate. Real simple. Nice and easy. We swing Hasbro their annual fee for licensing and then we just print the labels on as much food packaging as we possibly can. Give people a free serving of fries every so often, and then the real hardcore fans actually collect the pieces and try to win big. It’s awesome.”

While the team behind the annual campaign seem impressed, one local fast food addict was less impressed. Shona Young said, “I love me Maccas, I really do, but the Monopoly promo is getting a bit tired if you ask me. It’s a rort. If they keep running it every year Hasbro will have to add a hospital to the Monopoly board for all the morbid obesity suffered by the dedicated players.”