A local news service is secretly relishing their place at the centre of the current international scandal revolving around the depiction of tennis star Serena Williams in a newspaper cartoon. Regardless of your opinion on the issue, it’s kind of awkward to watch the way the Herald Sun has enjoyed their position in the story even though, for the most part, they are being criticised.

In an article published today about the global reaction to the cartoon, the Herald Sun felt compelled to share the stats that indicated how cartoonist Mark Knight had been trending on Twitter. To prove the theory that any publicity is good publicity, and like a proud parent, the Herald Sun then boasted that mentions of the Herald Sun on Twitter had increased by 9,000% from the day before.

And this morning, on the front cover of today’s paper, the same newspaper that occasionally leads the charge of the PC police switched sides to take the proud stance as an anti-PC establishment. While the average Herald Sun reader may be incapable of identifying hypocrisy when they read it, we look forward to the next story where our nation’s self-proclaimed most-read newspaper attempts to gain leverage out of some pro-PC issue.