A local Buy, Swap, Sell page on Facebook has descended into anarchy as members of the group squabble amongst each other over a set of loosely enforced rules and unspoken etiquette. The page, which cannot be named due to legal reasons, has tragically transformed from an active marketplace fuelled by goodwill to a scrappy online portal where anarchy reigns supreme.

Long-time member of the group, Kathy Benson, is equal parts shocked and disappointed by the transition, telling The Watsonia Bugle that she is seriously considering permanently leaving the group. She said, “I’ve been a member for years, and it used to be great, but I’m just not sure it’s worth it anymore. It’s basically been hijacked by the same miserable trolls, to the point where I no longer feel safe online.”

While the page admin declined the offer of an interview with us, they did concede that things had declined recently, and claimed they were working on a strategy to combat the problems.