Relations between the upcoming summer of cricket’s new co-hosts seem to be off to a rocky start, with Channel 7 commentator Glenn McGrath reportedly unhappy that Foxtel signee Shane Warne is the voice of the new cartoon duck. While the logistics of a Channel 7 employee voicing a Foxtel product would seem difficult to manage, sources close to McGrath say he believes Warne is unqualified for the prestigious role.

One such source told The Watsonia Bugle, “Yeah mate, Pidg is spewing. He reckons Warney doesn’t deserve the honour because he only recorded 34 Test Match ducks, while Pidg got 35. It might seem petty on the surface, but the big fella is really ticked off about it. He keeps bringing it up in conversation, so it could be a long summer.”

While McGrath refused to go on the record for this story, he did insist that the statistics tell the real story, encouraging us to look up the real numbers. Meanwhile, Warne was too busy taking over with daily salacious stories to promote his new book.