A nation of cricket lovers is silently mourning the loss of Channel 9’s iconic cartoon duck, destined for the animation scrap heap as Channel 7 and Foxtel take over the cricket coverage this summer. While Foxtel have proudly announced the emergence of a new cartoon duck, controversially voiced by Shane Warne, many rusted on cricket fans are devastated that “Daddles” the duck will no longer have the honour.

The existence of Daddles has long been a quirky and somewhat odd addition to cricket coverage for over 40 years, essentially adding to the humiliation of a professional sportsperson failing on an international stage. Allegedly the brainchild of Kerry PackerDaddles has been a consistent presence on Australian television screens since 1977with some local cricket fans claiming that the disgruntled and cursing duck was part of their actual family.

Watsonia cricket tragic Dean Leonard told The Watsonia Bugle, “I’m devo mate. I loved that little guy. I always thought it was kind of weird that a cartoon duck would accompany a failing batsman from the field, but that little dude was part of the family. An Australian icon. I’ve heard Foxtel will have their own version, but it won’t be the same mate. RIP Daddles.”