A local man has revealed that he is regretting browsing a novelty t-shirt online about three weeks ago as the same t-shirt continues to stalk his online presence on pretty much any website that serves advertisements. Callum Pointer never intended on buying the t-shirt all those weeks ago, and was just bored surfing the ‘net, but is now facing the daily consequences of his idle window shopping.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Pointer said, “Bloody hell, that stupid t-shirt has been following me everywhere! On me phone, on the computer at work, everywhere. I don’t know how those little internet robots work, but they’ve got me cornered.”

Pointer even claimed that he’d cleared his entire internet history, yet the ads continue to pop up just when he least expects it. He said, “They’re got me good on this one. It really makes me wonder what other information the internet knows about me. I’ve gone down some very dark internet alleys and, to be honest, I’d rather the world didn’t know about it.”