The long-held domination of Monty Life 3094 as the world’s greatest online community is reportedly under threat from a group based in a rival suburb. The previously unassailable lead held by Monty Life has found stiff opposition in Macleod Life, a group presumably dedicated to talking about why they don’t have a bakery.

While mention of a renewed proposal to change their entire suburb’s name to Watsonia West is yet to be seen on the page, whispers on the streets of Macleod suggest that another campaign may be launched within the coming months. It also remains unclear whether the group accepts entrants from the identity crisis—riddled residents of Springthorpe, with some members reportedly keen to keep them away from the otherwise peaceful clime of Macleod.  

Those issues aside, prominent members of Macleod Life have made little secret of their intention to dethrone Monty Life 3094. Recently overheard speaking outside one of Watsonia’s two bakeries, one member of the Macleod group said to another, “Oh yeah, I think we could topple them for sure. They’re a bit smug over there in Monty but, to be honest, our main street exudes just as much country town charm, just without the big profile and constant back-slapping that surround the whole Were Street scene. Plus we’re a couple of train stations closer to the city. That’s gotta count for something doesn’t it?” 

When asked about the challenge, Montmorency cult leader and real estate guru Scott Nugent told The Watsonia Bugle, “I see great potential in that Macleod group. It’s a renovator’s dream really. But until they start churning out the volume of posts that Monty Life is accustomed to, I honestly can’t see them challenging us in this lifetime. Monty Life 3094 forever man!”