The man behind the proposal to erect a giant dim sim on Watsonia Road has openly declared that, as a true work of art, he would never allow the projection of advertising material onto the large structure. As our neighbours north of the border in New South Wales go wild about tonight’s use of the Sydney Opera House as a canvas for promoting an upcoming horse race, dim sim aficionado and avid supporter of public art installations, Dan Porter, has declared that he’d never use the giant dimmy as a billboard.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Porter said, “No way man. Not on your nelly. If we ever get the opportunity to build the Giant Dim Simwe’d never taint it with such a gross act of commercialism. The Giant Dim Sim would be sacred. The only thing we’d ever dare putting over it is soy sauce.”

While Porter conceded that his concept was no closer to coming to fruition, he claimed that the struggle to get the monument built would only strengthen his resolve to protect its artistic integrity. Porter said, “Our struggle to get funding for this project has been well documentedSo, if we ever do get it built, it would be vital that we protect its status as a beacon for hope and prosperity.”