Shane Warne’s teeth have been dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world”, as rumours swirl that the spin king is trying to secure an insurance policy for his chompers. With Warne set to front Foxtel’s coverage of the upcoming Australian summer of cricket, his incredible teeth are set to take a front row in loungerooms across the country.

While Warne’s teeth have been impressively white for a few years now, they seem to be getting more and more luminous as time goes on, which is a key ingredient in their current push to be the eighth wonder of the world. According to local body part insurer Bits & Pieces, official status as an eighth wonder would significantly increase Warne’s payout should anything happen to the teeth.

Bits & Pieces CEO Kelvin Stannard said, “Once something reaches that kind of global acclaim, the insured amount — and the price of the premium — increases enormously. By their very nature, teeth are supposed to worsen over time. So, the fact that Warney’s teeth just keep getting better and better is truly remarkable.”

Exactly how such a dedicated smoker and junk food eater maintains such brilliant pearly whites remains unclear, but Stannard said that is irrelevant. He said, “It doesn’t matter. In fact, if he has had a bit of work done, that would again increase the value. He obviously takes great care of them, so he deserves to have them protected.”