A group of local plumbers have spoken out about constantly being linked to the inadvertent exposure of hairy bum cracks, colloquially known as the “plumber’s crack”. A member of the group has spoken to The Watsonia Bugle about the frustration of how his entire profession has been soiled by such an unsavoury and unpleasant phenomenon.

Exactly when and how the entire plumbing fraternity got implicated in the exposure of a hairy bum crack remains unclear, but Darren Finch has had enough, openly questioning why plumbing was chosen out of all the trades. Finch said, “It can’t just be us, seriously. Pretty much every trade requires bending over at some stage, so you can’t tell me that chippies or sparkies don’t accidentally show a bit of crack every now and then. It’s not fair mate.”

While Finch insisted that the entire plumbing industry was fed up with the connection, he failed to rule out whether or not he was an exponent of the plumber’s crack himself. He said, “That’s not the point mate. As I said, we all have to bend over at some stage, and occasionally we might expose more than we bargained for. But I can tell you right now that that’s not exclusive to plumbers. No way at all.”