A local tailender has presented an odd theory on why he keeps throwing his wicket away, telling teammates he’s simply “paying it forward”. Committed tailender Callum McLean made the bold claim last night over a few beers with his Watsonia Wombats teammates, having earlier thrown his wicket away during a tense match against fierce rivals the Macleod Meerkats.

As teammates hit that sweet spot of eight or more beers and felt able to interrogate McLean about his costly dismissal, the tailender told all within ear shot that the cheap dismissals that have littered his 150-game career were simply a living embodiment of the modern philosophy of “paying it forward”. As McLean explained it, “You know, it’s kind of like karma and that. You do something nice to people, and then you are repaid at a later date. As a bowler who toils long and hard, often for little reward, if I throw my wicket away every now and then, I honestly believe that some idiot will throw his wicket away when I’m bowling. So, I’m just paying it forward.”

While the explanation was mostly met with laughter from the majority of McLean’s teammates, team captain Ben Taylor was a little more severe, telling The Watsonia Bugle, “It was typical of Macca, so very very stupid. While the economics of his theory seem sound, it’s no excuse for trying to slog the opposition’s opening bowler onto Grimshaw Street when you’ve only faced three balls in your innings, and you’re an absolute bunny with the bat in hand. I told him if he wants to pay it forward in the future, pay for some little old lady’s groceries next time she forgets her wallet at the supermarket. But don’t try any of that philosophical bullshit at the batting crease.”