A local man has controversially requested a change to the long-held sizing system used by local sandwich artists Subway. Liam Quinlan made the suggestion yesterday in a lengthy Facebook rant that both perplexed and amused his followers.

In the post, which has since been deleted, Quinlan claimed that, “Most of the time a six-inch sub just isn’t enough, but the foot-long always leaves me sleepy and bloated. Why don’t they just offer a nine-inch sub to cater for what I can only assume is a prominent gap in the sandwich-loving market?”

While Quinlan had initially hoped that his post would open a considered and intelligent conversation about takeaway quantities, the comments thread of his post quickly descended into derogatory name-calling, blatant sexism, and cyber bullying. After trading barbs with his friends for a few hours last night, Quinlan gave up and deleted the post at 11.00pm.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle this morning about the reaction to his post, Quinlan said, “The comments were a little abusive to be honest. I’m not sure what my sexuality and/or manhood has to do with the size sandwich that I eat at Subway. I thought I’d raised a valid point. The six-inch just isn’t enough, and the foot-long is too much. It’s time for change.”