A local man is preparing for his annual flutter on the ponies, reportedly even considering putting a few dollar each way bets for both Derby Day and Cup Day. Watsonia man Hugh Leonard has somehow escaped the nationwide gambling affliction that has a hold of 80% of his peers, limited his wagering solely to Cup Weekend, and occasionally a couple of bets on AFL Grand Final day.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Leonard also seemed unaware of the greater accessibility of gambling in 2018, indicating that he’d be physically attending a TAB outlet rather than placing his bets via a mobile app or website. Leonard said, “Oh yeah mate, I like to get into the spirit of it, you know. I’ll grab the form guide out of the paper later on today and head down to the TAB at lunch time. Might put my bets on for Cup Day early too. Do they still offer a prize draw for a car to avoid the mad rush on Cup Day morning. That’s pretty cool isn’t it?”

Seemingly unaware of the amount of money required to alter the framing of a market, Leonard also refused to share his tips with us. He said, “No way mate. I know how those markets work. Once I’ve put my plunge on, I don’t want it to drop my odds. Hahaha.”