Have you seen one of those somewhat disturbing videos of third world children reading out first world problems? You should. It’s horrifyingly humbling, and makes you want to stop complaining about stupid little things like your phone charger cord not reaching you in bed.

Well, according to a study just released from a local university, the most first world thing that you can ever do is complain about the quality of aeroplane food. If you’ve watched the video from the link above, try asking a poor child from the third world to say the words, “excuse me, but this ham and cheese toastie is a bit too soggy for my liking”. According to the study, saying something like this means that you’re a jerk.

The study claims that while there are many comforts that we enjoy due to living in a first world country, safe and relatively affordable air travel is one of the main ones. We can basically jump on a plane and fly anywhere that we like, with that money that we have to pay for it. So, while the food might not be up to your usual lofty standards, it’s still food, and you’re probably only going to have to “endure” it for a few hours before landing at your destination where you can continue to be a pampered first world toss bag and rip into some Maccas at the arrival lounge.

Well, the study didn’t actually say that last sentence, that was just our interpretation of the findings.