As Prime Minister Scott Morrison continues to travel around Queensland in an attempt to gain popular support by proving his blokey credentials, residents in Watsonia say they have just the idea for “ScoMo” to truly prove that he is a man of the people. For almost 12 months now, Watsonia residents have been campaigning to secure funding for the construction and installation of a giant dim sim to be erected on our main street.

Local residents believe it would be the perfect symbol of pride for the suburb, paying homage to the fact that one of our local businesses sells the world’s greatest dim sim. Alongside our regular reporting on the issue, a dedicated group of locals have been working hard behind the scenes to garner support for the project.

While the last State budget failed to support the proposal, and the last Prime Minister baulked at an interview request about the matter, political analysts are now suggesting that the giant dim sim in Watsy could be the thing that really secures enthusiastic boat stopper Morrison’s place in the heart of everyday Australians. One such analyst, Sally Graham, has told The Watsonia Bugle, “Politicians go to great lengths to prove their relatability, including the use of overpaid consultants who are often just as out of touch with the average Aussie as the people they’re advising. If the so-called ‘ScoMo’ really is a man of the people, funding Watsonia’s much-wanted giant dimmie could be the one thing that really sticks in people’s minds when the next election comes around.”