Local burglars are reportedly proud of Watsonia’s higher than average burglary rate, saying it’s just reward for months of hard work. In a recent burglary study conducted by insurance company RACV, Watsonia ranked as one of the worst suburbs in the Diamond Valley for home burglaries.

The study suggested that one in 71 homes were likely to be burgled in 2018, ranking slightly worse than the Banyule average of one in 74, and worse again than the statewide average of one in 76. Confusingly, the study ranked Watsonia and Watsonia North far worse than neighbouring Greensborough which had one in 94 homes, despite the high proliferation of dodgy characters congregating in and around Greensy Plaza.

Unsurprisingly, we rated far better than the crime hotspot and dangerous road capital of Bundoora, which scored one in 59 homes. But the big surprise in the rankings was Plenty, which copped an unflattering figure of one in 50 homes, although local authorities feel some of those robberies were revenge attacks for that suburb’s desire to remove itself from the Diamond Valley. However, their 2017 ranking was far worse, with one in 28 homes being allegedly hit last year.

In relation to our somewhat unfavourable comparison with surrounding suburbs, one local thief contacted The Watsonia Bugle to express his pride in the result. The anonymous man said, “A lot of hard work and sacrifice has gone into those numbers mate. A few years ago we decided to diversify a bit from the always breaking into homes in Bundoora, and it’s paid off a real treat. And no amount of fear mongering or CCTV footage sharing on that Watsonia Community Voice page will stop us. We’re in it for the long haul!”