A mainstream media service has delivered the groundbreaking revelation that it’s generally warmer in Sydney because they are further north than Melbourne. Under the eye-catching headline of “Why Melbourne’s weather is crap”, the article even quoted a weather expert to point out Melbourne’s geographic location on the map of Australia.

Exactly how this startling revelation is classified as “news” remains unclear, but it paints a damning picture of the intelligence level of the average Australian. The article literally explains the weather we experience in Melbourne’s is “largely because of the city’s geographic position in the country”. Whether this phenomenon is exclusive to just Melbourne was not expanded upon, leaving the reader to assume that Melbourne is the only city in the world whose geographic location goes a way to explaining the type of weather it experiences.

In attempting to explain why Sydney generally enjoys a more temperate climate than Melbourne, the article then quotes a legitimate weather expert who says, “A lot of it is because Melbourne is further south. You’ve got the cold coming in from the Arctic Ocean, bringing up frost and that affects the city more, and it’s also much drier as well. In a place like Sydney, with more humid conditions, temperatures are going to be more stable.”

While the article stopped short of drawing a diagram to help explain how a city’s proximity to the equator can impact on the average temperature experienced, we can only hope that this dumbed down piece of “news” has educated at least a small percentage of readers.