A bold groups of shoppers, supported by The Watsonia Bugle, are continuing their brave campaign for hardware chain Bunnings to obtain a liquor licence and sell beer to evening visitors. To gather support for the push, a petition was drawn up last year and we are still seeking signatories in this courageous campaign to make the already special shopping experience at Bunnings even better. Because really, what could be more fun than strolling the aisles of the world’s greatest hardware emporium with a cold can in your hand?

Despite some negative publicity earlier this week about the correct placement of onion, the sausage sizzle fundraising conducted at Bunnings stores all over the country is arguably one of the simplest and most successful forms of raising funds for worthy causes. And now this liquor licence campaign looks to further these philanthropic activities by installing can bars out the front of Bunnings after 4pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

According to Ken Owen, one of the innovators behind the cause, the idea is essentially a “no brainer”. Owen said, “It just makes good sense, both for the business of Bunnings and the many communities that they already do so much to support. Picture this, you’ve had a long day at the office or on the work site, you’ve tucked the kids into bed, and then you have to head to Bunnings late on a Thursday night to grab a few supplies for that DIY project you’ve been working on. You’d pretty much sell your own mother for a cold can.

“And then you can just stroll the aisles for an easy 15-20 minutes while sipping on a soothing lager. Or imagine you’ve been busting your gut at home all Saturday and then you have to make a late dash to Bunnings for that one bloody washer you need to finish the job, a quick beer could be the difference between you falling in a heap or pushing on through to finish the task at hand. And there’s obviously no debate about where the onion should go.”

Owen even suggests that the infrastructure is already in place so, apart from the cost of acquiring the licence, the venture would cost Bunnings “little to nothing”. He said, “the tents and the fridges are already there. And as with the sausage sizzles, they’ll eventually have charities and sporting clubs queuing up for an opportunity to run the can bar. It’s a win win for all involved.”

To sign the petition, simply click here.