A group dinner with friends over the weekend was beset with unspoken awkwardness after someone at the table suggested maybe everyone should go for the banquet option. A short but notable silence immediately followed the suggestion, while each individual at the table mentally digested how such a radical move would impact on their dining experience.

While the banquet option was eventually selected for all in attendance, more than one of the diners has separately contacted The Watsonia Bugle to indicate that they believe not every attendee was entirely happy with the decision. The first diner, Karen*, told us, “I’m just not convinced that everyone wanted the banquet. You know, some people don’t like being locked in like that. Some people prefer a bit more choice in their restaurant experience. And then there’s the whole allergy discussion. It just created a subtly tense atmosphere for the rest of the night. I hated it.”

Another diner, Brad* said, “There are just so many factors at play in that scenario, and it’s always the dominant friend that suggests it, while all the passive and shy people sit in silence eating something they don’t want to eat. Quite an interesting human experiment if you ask me. Intriguing.”

*Names have been changed to protect identities and dining preferences.