Northland Shopping Centre has sent its younger sibling Greensborough Plaza a “39 Again” birthday card to acknowledge the latter’s upcoming 40th birthday celebrations. From which shopping centre the card was purchased remains unclear, but we can confirm that the 52-year-old Northland thought it was absolutely hilarious as it posted the card across town to Greensborough.

While Greensborough is yet to respond to the attempt at humour, it is reportedly just another chapter in a long running story of sibling rivalry between the two shopping destinations. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, a Greensborough Plaza representative said, “It’s just typical of Norfies mate. They always think they’re so clever and funny. If I hear one more joke about how they were classy enough to retain a Myer store I’ll spew up out on Main Street.”

Meanwhile, a Northland representative said, “It’s a bit typical of Greensy really. They’ve got a bit of a small man’s syndrome if you ask me. Always trying to keep up with what we’re doing. We got our beautiful alfresco dining area and nek minnit they build their ‘Day on the Green’ thingo. Bit sad if you ask me.”