In a move that has baffled linguists across the globe, a local energy company has reportedly changed the definition of the word “possible”. In a widely distributed letter sent to customers to inform them of a price increase, the company has adopted the words “possible” and “may” in a futile attempt to soften the blow for hard working Australians.
Momentarily breaking away from their sole purpose of energy supply to dabble in the world of linguistics, the company is now being accused of treating their customers like simpletons. One local recipient of the letter said, “It’s quite a strange letter really. Why would you go to the trouble and expense of sending out a letter to someone on the off chance their prices will increase? Rather than just explaining when and why their energy costs will increase, they basically just say it might happen and when it does, you’ll notice it on your bill. Well, I could’ve saved them the postage on that newsflash.”