An in-depth study into nationwide supermarket prices has indicated that Australia’s entire economy would collapse if Arnotts Shapes weren’t on sale at a minimum of one major supermarket chain in the country. The study out of a local university analysed the buying habits of Australians and compared them to the weekly specials offered by Coles, Woolworths, IGA and Foodworks.

Speaking about the outcome of the study, economist Graeme Coleman said, “What the data indicates is that Australians rely heavily on the regular discounting of Arnotts Shapes. While that reliance isn’t entirely flavour dependent, it did still indicate that if Shapes were charged at their actual recommended retail price at all major supermarket chains, the nation’s entire economy would come to a staggering halt.”

Despite lacking any of the economics knowledge applied in the study, local Shapes enthusiast Gerald McIntyre approved of the findings. McIntyre said, “Yeah mate, I agree. Totally. I reckon I’ve only ever paid the full RRP on Shapes about once or twice in the last decade. They just always seem to be on sale, and it’s one of my life’s rules that if I walk past their shelf and they’re on sale, I always buy at least one box. That way I have ‘em stored up in me pantry. It’s a great little system.”