Someone’s aunty pulled out an iPad at a wedding yesterday to take photos and the ripple effect of this behaviour has been substantial. While most of the fellow guests at the wedding were accustomed to this method of photography, it seems that many of them had just had enough, as a number of small groups gathered at the pre-dinner drinks to gossip about the suitability of using an iPad to take photos.

During these aforementioned concurrent discussions, a number of questions were asked by guests, including “Why didn’t she just take the photos with her phone?” and “Who even takes an iPad to a wedding?” While the vast majority of guests were scathing on the use of an iPad to take photos at a wedding, the most venomous reaction was from the wedding’s official photographer.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, the photographer said, “I’m used to idiots getting in the way of my shots with their stupid little smartphones but this is just getting ridiculous. How am I supposed to explain to the happy couple that I missed their first marital kiss because Aunty Karen blocked my view with her humungous iPad and its garish orange cover? We should never have even had to tell people this, but iPads need to be banned from weddings forever!”