A local cricket fan says he’s already a bit sick of the whole “this is your team” narrative being pushed by Cricket Australia in all of their advertising for the current summer of cricket. Tom Brayshaw took aim at a variety of figures within the Aussie cricket landscape in a wide-ranging rant published on his Facebook page last night.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the outburst, Brayshaw said, “I’ve just had enough mate. Ever since the sandpaper stuff in South Africa earlier this year, they’ve been pushing this whole PR recovery campaign telling us all how it’s our Aussie cricket team and we should be proud of them. Well, I tell you what, I’d be a lot prouder of them if they won a few more games!”

Brayshaw also took aim at suspended opener Dave Warner, suggesting that the left-handed opener has clearly learnt nothing in his extended absence from the game. Brayshaw said, “The other day on the radio I heard Warner say that he hoped that him smacking a bunch of club cricketers all over the park would get people loving the game again. Is he serious? I’ve always loved the bloody game you pillock, with or without you playing it!”