A Watsonia woman who commutes to the city on each day of the working week claims to be thrilled by the decision to shut down St Georges Road this week. Lisa Enridge said it was important to ensure that the tram tracks along that route were well maintained, and that there were plenty of other ways to cross the Merri Creek and enter the inner city.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Enridge said, “It caught me a bit unaware on Monday morning, haha, but it’s all good now. How else are they going to improve the tram service in the area? I’m really glad they did it, especially at a time of year when everyone’s stress levels seem to be really low and balanced.”

While other regular commuters along that route likened this week’s traffic snarl to the dark days of the closed Hurstbridge Line earlier this year, Enridge insisted that all was well in the world. She said, “It’s no real problem, honestly. Gives me more time to catch up on my podcasts and, sometimes, a bit of that funny banter you always get on breakfast radio. It’s cool.”