Former Australian cricketer Michael Clarke has failed his application for a sports media job by incorrectly spelling the name of a respected journalist. In responding to criticism from Gerard Whateley, the polarising Clarke referred to the journalist as “Gerald Wheatley”, before going on to list some of his own most notable achievements.

The Clarke vs Whateley feud kicked off yesterday, and we’re kind of bored of it already so you can catch up on it here. Clarke’s withering response on Twitter last night can be seen here:

A respected sports media insider contacted The Watsonia Bugle this morning to suggest that Clarke had botched his one remaining chance at getting on the airwaves this summer. The insider said, “With two television channels now covering the cricket, plus the usual radio outlets, there are a heap of ex-players on the media payroll this summer, yet Clarke is not one of them. Yesterday when he started shooting his mouth and swearing on radio we thought it was his way of putting his hand up for a new media gig. But then he’s gone and written that ‘open letter’ and called one of our nation’s most-respected journalists ‘Gerald Wheatley’. He then refers to him as ‘Gerard’ later, and that’s the lack of attention to detail that the TV networks really hate.”

While the insider conceded that the use of “Gerald Wheatley” may have been a deliberate ploy by Clarke to undermine the journalist, he said that kind of pettiness is a frightening insight into Clarke’s personality. The insider said, “Maybe he did call him ‘Gerald’ on purpose, but that says more about Clarke than it does about Whateley. Clarke had every right to defend himself publicly, but he’s totally botched the cover letter of his job application.”