Former Aussie cricketer Michael Clarke has obviously missed the Cricket Australia memo about the men’s team trying to win back the general public’s love and affection, after essentially saying that our opinions don’t matter because we’ve never played for Australia. In Clarke’s poorly worded response to criticism from journalist Gerard Whateley, he invoked the age-old retort of “you didn’t play the game, so you don’t know what you’re talking about”.

By discounting Whateley’s qualification to comment on cricket purely because he hasn’t played at the top level, Clarke is effectively telling the vast majority of cricket fans that our opinions don’t matter. So, I guess we should just shut up, pay our money, and watch the game. But don’t express an opinion on what we see in front of us because, after all, we don’t know what we’re talking about.

Considering that only 455 men and 173 women have played Test Cricket for Australia, and a fair chunk of them have now passed away, that leaves a very small pool of people qualified to give their opinion on the game. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen, but your Uncle Darren sure as hell better not start spouting off at Christmas lunch about that state of the game, otherwise Michael Clarke might have to openly question his cricket talent and courage levels. And we don’t want any more of that.