A local business has significantly increased their Christmas cheer by simply adding a Santa hat to their company logo. The bold move seems to be taking a leaf out of Woolworths’ book from last festive season, when they added Santa hats to the logo on all of their trucks.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle earlier this week, the local business’s chief said, “Yeah look, we just wanted to add a bit of festive cheer in the lead up to Christmas, so we had a bit of a fiddle on Photoshop and this is what we got. It’s pretty cool hey?”

While one worker at the business suggested that the festive gesture is at direct odds with the behaviour of senior management in the company, she did admit that it put a smile on her face at work for the first time in about four months. She said, “Work’s actually been pretty terrible lately, and they’ve even insisted on me working over the Christmas and New Year period so I’m pretty down on the festive season as a whole. But, you know, they added that Santa hat onto the logo so all is not lost.”