The entire Nillumbik region has had quite a favourable week of publicity, following news that apparently it is the best place to live in all of Australia. In response to this questionably accurate claim, we’ve decided to do what all respectable news outlets do when they’re running low on other content ideas… we’ve compiled a list. Behold, 10 ways that Watsonia is, like, heaps better than anywhere in Nillumbik:

1. Watsonia has a world-renowned Paris End.

2. It’s a proven fact that Watsonia is the healthiest suburb in the Diamond Valley.

3. The world’s greatest dim sim is available solely in Watsonia.

4. Taylor Swift once reportedly holidayed in Watsonia.

5. Watsonia’s thriving art culture, evidenced by regular public art installations.

6. Last year we were the proud owners of an abandoned oBike. That’s a special kind of cool that you can tell your grandkids about it one day.

7. We once placed in third position in the Top 10 places that end in the letters “nia”.

8. Watsonia residents have access to much cheaper pet rates than residents in Nillumbik.

9. Watsonia is the top suburb in Victoria for house sales by auction… even though we’re still not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

10. Watsonia is just down the road from Australia’s most dangerous road. Which means, with all that danger attracted to Plenty Road, our roads are actually heaps safe.