A Watsonia North mother has sparked an intense episode of car park rage over a misused pram parking spot at Greensborough Plaza. The whole incident began when the woman, Sarah Chalmers, spotted a man getting out of his car without a child or pram in sight – despite him having just parked his sleek sports car in one of the coveted family parking spots.

Enraged by this flagrant abuse of the rules, Chalmers pulled the handbrake on her 4WD, got out of her car, yelled some choice words in the direction of the offending man who was making his way into the Plaza, and then stormed over to his car to let all his tyres down. Confused onlookers were initially surprised by the actions, but when they realised what was happening they started cheering Chalmers, and then supported her attack in the most modern of ways – by taking photos and posting them on social media.

However, the group of supporters dwindled somewhat when Chalmers parked in a regular spot, popped her kids in the pram, marched inside to buy some spray paint at a bargain store, and then returned to the man’s sports car to crudely spray ‘LEARN THE RULES DICKHEAD!’ One observer said, ‘look I was all for the tyres being let down, that was harsh but ultimately fair. But when she started spraying profanities all over the guy’s car I thought she’d pushed the boat out a bit too far. We all hate it when ineligible people take those spots, especially the disabled parking, but ruining the car’s paint job was a little extreme.’

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle yesterday, Chalmers remained unrepentant. She said, ‘too often in society these days people just ignore the small little rules. Once they start doing that, what’s to stop them breaking bigger rules? Then, before you know it, we have anarchy in the streets. Personally I’ve had enough of it, so I took matters into my own hands. I’ll tell you one more thing: I bet that guy never parks in one of those spots again. He’s learnt his lesson.’