A local moron has expressed his great excitement over the fact that Melbourne has been rated as having worse traffic congestion than notorious gridlock destinations such as New York and Rome. Daniel Rawlings claims that the result is good news for Melbourne, and will help attract more visitors to our lovely city.

Presumably not someone who is forced to tackle Melbourne’s daily traffic snarl, Rawlings told The Watsonia Bugle, “It’s great news mate, really great news. I mean, everyone is always going on about how exciting New York is. You know, ‘the city that never sleeps’. Well, now we’ve matched them for excitement. It’s awesome.”

Rawlings oddly believes that the poor ranking for traffic congestion will attract more tourists to the region. He said, “Yeah mate, for sure. This really puts us on the map. I mean, the map is covered with red spots, but we’re on the map. Up there with some of the great destinations in the world. This is great news.”