Darth Vader is reportedly not happy with the “Disneyfication” of his previously fearsome reputation, telling friends that the final straw was his image being used for a Christmas tree ornament. Since Disney took over the Star Wars franchise in 2012, merchandise from the popular movie series has increased tenfold, becoming available in pretty much any and every form. Remember these bad boys?…

With that trend showing no signs of easing in the near future, local supermarkets are now selling mini Darth Vader ornaments for your Christmas tree. A source close to Darth himself has told The Watsonia Bugle, “Darth was livid when he saw an image of himself being used to celebrate Christmas. Apart from the obvious softening of his once frightening public reputation, as a dedicated Sith, he doesn’t actually believe in Christmas.”

The source also claimed that Vader was angered even further when he saw which other characters were being immortalised in the new Christmas range. They said, “He was pissed off when he saw his figurine, but then when he saw Winney the Pooh next to his likeness on the shelf, he flew into a full rage, knocking down shelves, force choking store employees, and pretty much lightsabering anyone within a 10-metre radius.”