Local authorities are reportedly putting measures in place to ensure that gender reveal burnouts don’t become a thing in the Watsonia area. Gender reveal burnouts you ask? Well, apparently, if you’re bogan enough, the coolest way to discover the gender of your unborn baby is to stage a gender reveal burnout in front of your family and friends — with either pink or blue smoke given off to announce whether it’s a boy or a girl.

As exposed yesterday, a South Australian couple recently hosted a gender reveal burnout that had damaging consequences — as the car caught on fire not long after pink smoke starting billowing out from the car’s tyres to reveal the happy news that the parents-to-be were expecting a girl. In response to that previously unbelievable story, local authorities reportedly held a crisis meeting early this morning to put preventative measures in place across the Diamond Valley.

While some local residents claim that the outer suburbs of Melbourne are no match for the pure boganism of Adelaide, not all Watsonians seem to agree. With one anonymous resident contacting The Watsonia Bugle to say, “I wouldn’t be so sure. I’ve seen my fair share of bogans around the Diamond Valley, don’t you worry about that. Pardon the puns, but we need to stamp out any ideas about gender reveal burnouts before they catch on.”