Reflecting on the rather public spat between him and Michael Clarke last week, Gerard Whateley referred to the whole thing as “unedifying” while speaking on a recent podcast. Confused as to whether Whateley was having another dig at him, Clarke quickly Googled the word just to make sure he didn’t have to compile a long list of “facts” to respond to the latest episode in the feud.

While the resulting definition of “distasteful or unpleasant (especially of an event taking place in public)” caused Clarke to again refer to Google for a definition on “distasteful”, the former Australian captain is reportedly now considering whether to launch another personal attack on his good mate “Gerald Wheatley”. A source close to Clarke told The Watsonia Bugle, “He’s weighing up his options at the moment. A few people have told him to take the moral high ground and hold a dignified silence, but that clearly hasn’t worked in the past, so it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next.”

Seemingly pleased to have learnt a new word for the day, Clarke is also reportedly considering using the word “unedifying” in his next lengthy social media defence, following the poor response he got from reverting to the tried and tested “you haven’t got the talent or courage to play for Australia” option. The source said, “He won’t admit it publicly, but he’s learnt a few things from last week. He reckons that a word like unedifying could really bolster his next written response to something. I just hope he uses it in the right context.”