After seemingly launching a focused smear campaign against one of our nation’s most polarising cricketers, The Watsonia Bugle has been encouraged to ease up on the Michael Clarke content. With efforts significantly ramping up in recent weeks, the editorial team at the Bugle were genuinely considering adding a “Michael Clarke” tab to their homepage, such has been the focus of the reporting.

A small band of readers had apparently noticed this increased focus, and pooled together their collective mind power to send a message to the Bugle asking us to go easy on their beloved “Pup”. At one point accusing us of bullying, the group compiled a long list of “Facts” that were designed to question our journalistic integrity. Our lack of talent and courage was also mentioned, particularly in the context of it preventing any of our reporters from being able to play cricket for Australia.

After careful consideration of the “Facts”, we’ve decided that while Clarke may have received increased attention over the last week or so, it’s simply too much fun picking holes in his questionable public behaviour. And while he continues to make a pillock of himself, we’ll continue to do what we always do: report the facts.