Foreign mathematicians are reportedly struggling to quantify the Australian definition of “a few”, with some suggesting it can range from three to as much 100. After meeting at a recent conference in Geneva, some of the world’s greatest mathematical minds discussed the issue at length before reluctantly deciding to reconvene in another six months to hopefully solve the riddle.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, one of the mathematicians, Professor Henry Taylor, told us, “It’s just so incredibly difficult to ascertain a figure within a range of 10 numbers, let alone identifying one exact amount. The issue seems to mostly manifest in the Australian population when they are attempting to evaluate how many alcoholic beverages they have consumed in one sitting. In that scenario, when an Aussie says they’ve ‘had a few’ it can literally mean they’ve consumed a small amount of drinks, but it can also mean they’ve consumed as many as 30 or 40. It’s very confusing.”

While Taylor admitted that his group’s inability to accurately quantify “a few” was frustrating, he did say that these kinds of challenges can bring the best out of a curious mind. He said, “It is somewhat embarrassing to admit defeat on something like this, but if we can eventually work it out that would be a very rewarding moment. So, we will continue to investigate.”