A local man has been experiencing low level anxiety for at the least the last fortnight as he prepares for tomorrow’s work Christmas function. Chris Williams has only been with his current employer since April this year and, so far, has managed to shield his work colleagues from the rambunctious and overly affectionate gremlin he turns into after at least half a dozen beers.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle on the eve of the function, Williams said, “I’ve legit been stressing about this since it was announced a few weeks ago. And for the last two weeks it has dominated my thoughts. I’ve carefully cultivated a respectable workplace persona over the last eight months, but that could all come crashing down tomorrow if I’m not really careful.”

While Williams has drank in the company of his work colleagues before, it’s the length of tomorrow’s function that strikes fear into his very soul. He said, “We’re starting at lunchtime at this really nice restaurant in the city. Full bar tab. And then we head to some rooftop bar in the afternoon for more drinks, and the handing out of KK presents. I’m more worried I’ll be handing out hugs to anyone within a five-metre radius by that stage. I’m literally a mess after about 10 standard drinks. And day drinking is a real Achilles heel for me. I’m full stressed right now.”