A local retail worker’s left eye has started to twitch a bit due to the constant replaying of the same Christmas carol playlist over and over again. Sasha O’Brien, who works for a leading retailer at Greensborough Plaza, has been listening to the same carols during to four- to eight-hour shifts since late November, to the point where she now knows which song is coming up next as the playlist rolls on.

As a casual shopper, you’d never be in a store for long enough to notice the repetition but, as any retail worker will tell you, when you’re stuck in there for hours at a time you’ll get playings of each song. And while the twitching of one eye is not quite the full-blown episode O’Brien is expecting later in the month, it’s still enough to be concerned about, and has arrived earlier than any other year in the job. A seven-year veteran of the retail industry, O’Brien said she expected the advent of music streaming to remove the repetitive nature of carols during Christmas time.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, O’Brien said, “When I first started it was just the same one or two CDs that were played on repeat for the whole month, but with streaming now, surely we can mix it up a bit! If I’m twitching already, can you imagine what’s going to happen to me on that last weekend before Christmas when shoppers are frantic, shifts are long and trading hours are late? I’m done for.”