It seems the entire nation of Australia is holding its collective breath for Megan’s annual Christmas message this year. While the Diamond Valley’s most passionate anti-vegan has remained relatively quiet so far in 2018, her loyal band of underground followers say she will definitely post a special message on the infamous Briar Hill fence on Christmas Day, just like she did last year.

On Christmas Day in 2018, loyal staff at The Watsonia Bugle were enjoying a rare day off the tools when our inbox started filling up with news of a freshly scrawled message telling local residents to have a “Merry Meatmas”. She’d even signed off with an “xx” and referred to herself as the more informal “Megsy”, offering a rare glimpse at her more affectionate side.

Compelled to cover the story, we fought off our post-lunch meat sweats to bring the news to our loyal readers. After all, the ongoing saga of Megan and her use of a local fence to push her pro-carnivore stance has become one of the Bugle’s most enduring stories. In fact, last year, it took us all the way to the front page of the Herald Sun website, not to mention multiple appearances in the beloved Diamond Valley Leader newspaper. Council authorities got involved, and global news titans the Daily Mail even picked up the story.

However, this year, Megan has only posted one message that we’re aware of, taking the opportunity to extol the virtues of mince. In a similar manner to the Queen of England, will Megan the anti-vegan make this Christmas message an annual thing? We can only hope.